SUNRISE International

“Learning occurs not by recording information but by interpreting it.”- Lauren Resnick (1989)

One of the most significant roles that an educator must play is understanding how a student can get more meaning from education. As the world becomes borderless, today, teachers and school leaders are important agents when it comes to preparing future generations for meeting the challenges of an ever-changing world. This means that educators themselves must continue to learn and develop, placing responsibility on schools to create an environment that empowers the students as well as faculty to be life-long learners.

As educators, we want our students to be successful and there are many ways in which a teacher can add relevance to the subject matter being taught in a classroom. Contextual Learning is learning that occurs by associating classroom theory with real-world application. What this sort of learning aims to do, is enable students to discover meaningful relationships between what is being taught in the classrooms and how it can be practically applied in various real-life contexts.

We are a bunch of committed, passionate individuals who believe each one of us is unique and hence requires a special path designed only for them.

At SR International learning is a potent combination of generally accepted principles, written material, personal experiences and a vision of the future to be. Holistic Techniques such as problem-based learning, visualization, accelerated learning are used and encouraged.

Our Vision

Transforming Society through Education by setting up academic institutions in dynamic equilibrium with its social, ecological and economic environment striving continuously for excellence in education, research and technological service to the nation.

Our Mission

To ensure that our students develop the skills and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy.


Pratap Reddy
M.A. B.Ed.,

Dear Parents,

I heartily welcome you to SUNRISE International School.

Sunrise International truly reflecting the academic excellence, we started SR International with a noble cause of imparting quality education to all the children in & around Sundupalli region. Thousands of students and parents have started banking their trust with us. Over years, the stature and commitment of our staff trained students and they are pursuing their higher education in all vital fields of professional education. I am happy to say that today, many of our students are in various respected and highly responsible positions.The major strengths of SR International are excellent individual laboratories for science and computers and library with rare reference books and ample playground for the children to play.
Some of our unique features are as follows:

  • Teaching by Kerala Teachers
  • IIT foundation along with regular classes
  • Special focus on spoken English
  • Evening Study hours
  • Teaching through digital media

Above all, I always believe in the adage – Strong mind in a strong body. Hence, maximum importance is given to encourage sports and games in Sunrise International. Come and explore the vistas of integrated learning and get strong foundation for your professional advancement with SR International School. After all, we are always for the best.

Sunrise Core Features


Sense of Discipline


Teaching by Kerala Teachers


Quality and Excellence through Smart-work


Continuous support and guidance


Special focus on spoken English


IIT foundation along with regular classes


Inculcating friendly nature, social and ethical values

We have all the right tools, let us Help You